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Don’t do Your Website Development Yourself

I have seen it time and time again.  Business Owners, friends or co-workers have been involved in website development to save themselves money.  The result is a very basic website from the business’s point of view and not the customer’s point of view.  You might save money in the short term, but in the long term you could miss out on customers as your website won’t look as good or function as well as your competitors’ websites.

Don’t let this be you.  Here is what you need to include in your website:

  • Calls to action on every page – what do you want your customers to do
  • Written content – There needs to be lots of written content about the services you provide and the problems that you solve. Write about your business in a way that will intrigue your customers.
  • Don’t use too many infographics as image files – Search engines cannot read the content of these files and won’t be able to reference them as content on your website.
  • Videos – Customers love videos that showcase your solutions to their problems. These videos can be customer testimonials, an interview with a customer or an animation.  Be creative and think about what your customers want.
  • Testimonials – Are an absolute necessity to ensure your new customers know about the work that you have done and how happy your current customers are.
  • Poor quality images – Ensure your images are of excellent quality and relate to the content. Ensure you label your picture with relevant keywords so that Google can recognise and index it.
  • Links between pages – If you have content that is related, ensure you have links between your pages so customers can easily navigate your website.

If you want a professional to undertake your website development contact Business Success today.

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