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Learn How to Set Up Facebook Advertising

Do Facebook Ads work?

Yes, Facebook Ads work.  It depends on how your Facebook Ads are set up.  There are so many settings to Facebook Ads and sometimes, even the professionals can get it wrong.  The process to setting up an effective Facebook page includes:

  • Open Ads Manager
  • Select Create Campaign
  • From Power Editor Select Create Campaign
  • Choose an advertising objective

Advertising objectives include:

  • Brand Awareness – helps build an awareness of your brand
  • Lead Generation – will give you email addresses of people that are interested in your products and/or services
  • Conversion – to get people to your website

Be careful with your choices.

Click continue

Create an ad

Use a photo, video, carousel, slideshow, or collection.

This is another area that you need to be careful with.  Facebook can reject your ads if the images are offensive or breach their conditions.

Ensure you include a call to action so that people can purchase your product or service, provide their information or find out more.

After you have created your Ad you will need to submit it to Facebook for approval

You will need to check your Ad and Google Analytics account to find out if your ad is working.  If it is not working, you will need to work out where it is going wrong and assess every step in the process.

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