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What is Your Video Production Purpose?

A video like a website needs to have a clear goal for it to be effective.

Clear goals for a video could be to:

  1. Showcase your goods and/or services, the problems they solve and the benefits of using them. This is how a lot of businesses develop TV ads.  Remember the ads about white ants which scare you into wondering if your home has white ants?  Ensure you provide a solution with your products and/or services.  You don’t want too much detail, just a problem and a solution.
  2. A Customer Testimonial – Ask your customers if they would like to feature in your video and explain why your product and/or service benefits them. Ask them to talk about the problems that your product and/or service solves.  It is better if the video is unscripted and is a natural discussion.  You may want to do it like an interview.  But ensure your customer is prepared and has an idea about what they want to say.  Give them a list of questions that you will be asking.
  3. A Product Review of someone using your product, the problem your product solved and the solution it provided. This does not have to be a customer testimonial.  You can use an actor or a friend whom communicates well.
  4. A how to use your product or service. This is an information video to ensure that customers use your product or service properly.  They may even use your product for a different purpose.  This would mean that you have a new market to sell to.

Think about what your customers are interested in and what they would want to know about your products or services.  You may want to brainstorm a video outline with your staff or friends to engage new customers.

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