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Use Facebook for Business If you have products, you can upload them to Facebook and sell them directly to your customers. Include

The A to Z of Copywriting Articles

A – Always consider writing articles about topics that will interest your customers

B – Blogs

B – Blogs are used to feature articles online so that others can find them

C – Consider the audience and what they would like to know about the topic

D – Don’t write a thesis and expect everyone to read it all

E – Ensure you include paragraphs and a natural flow in your articles

F – Finish Your Articles

F – Finish your articles with a call to action

G – Get creative with your writing and take a different view

H – “How to”

H – “How to” articles get impressive results

I – “I” – don’t write in the first person as this won’t interest your readers

J – Just do it, don’t procrastinate and just write\

K – Know your Subject

K – Know your subject and become a specialist in the field

L – Limit your article to 200 words so that readers don’t get bored

M – Manage your time effectively and write 3 x 200-word articles in one hour

N – Never give up and give it a crack

O – Optimise

O – Optimise your articles by ensuring you use keywords correctly

P – Plan what you are going to write including the purpose and feel of your article

Q – Question what you are writing to ensure you write the best articles

R – Re-read your article to ensure it is logical and makes sense

S – Stay on topic and don’t ramble

T – Title Your Article

T – Title your article with a question to peak a reader’s curiosity

U – Use keywords that you know your readers will search with

V – Vary the topics that you write about so your readers don’t get bored

W – Watch your language and don’t use swear words or slang

X – eXtreme topics will get audience involvement

Y – You should write about what you know and employ specialists when you are not familiar with the content

Z – Few words in the English vocabulary start with Z

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