Do You Know if Your Facebook Advertising Strategies are Converting?

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You Have Started Facebook Ads

So you have made the decision to go with Facebook Ads.  You have employed a Digital Marketer to run your ads.  But are your ads working?

Check your Facebook Ads

A good Digital Marketer will check to see whether your Facebook ads are reaching your goals.  For example, the goal of your ad may be to collect email addresses to start up an email marketing campaign.

In order to get email addresses, you will need to offer something of value in return.  This could be a discount coupon, an article or an E-book.

If your Facebook Ads are converting, you should be getting subscriptions to your email list that meet your goal.

If you are not getting subscriptions, then you need to modify your Facebook Ads.  Go through the process and find out what is not working:

Step 1

Check to see that all processes are working. When you click on something, does it work?

Step 2

Are people clicking on your ad? If they are not then you need to alter something on your ad.  This could be a change of picture, a change in the words or a change in the giveaway item.

Step 3

If they are clicking on your ad, then you need to look at your landing page. Is it enticing?  Is it easy to read?  Is it interesting information?  Do people want to read it?  You will need to make some alterations, just a few and try again.

Step 4

Are people supplying their email details? Are you asking for too much information?  You should just ask for an email address and a name.  If they are requesting a phone call or appointment then you need to ask for a phone number also.

If you are still having trouble with your Facebook Ads, contact Business Success today.

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Do You Know if Your Facebook Advertising Strategies are Converting?

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