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How Can I Sell on Facebook?

Use Facebook for Business If you have products, you can upload them to Facebook and sell them directly to your customers. Include

The A to Z of Mailchimp

A – Always proof read your email carefully before you hit the send button on Mailchimp.  Even get your co-workers to check the content and the links to ensure they are correct.

A – Analyse the marketing data to ensure you learn from your campaigns.  Learn about what your customers like to read and when they click through to your website.

B – Best practices are to ensure marketing campaigns are completed within rules and recommendations.

C – Call to Action

C – Call to Action is required to ask for your customers “Contact Us Today”.

C – Connect with new contacts with a Mailchimp onboarding series to ensure they understand what your business is about.

D – Design successful automated emails through customised and targeted emails.

E – Ensure you have a clear goal for your campaign.  Whether it be to get sell tickets for an event, inform people about your services or get visitors to your website.

E – Ecommerce

E – Ecommerce can be connected to Mailchimp to ensure that purchases are made and recorded by Mailchimp Analytics.

F – Fix all your errors on your campaigns by testing your emails before you send them to customers.

G – Get assistance from someone else whom has experience with using Mailchimp to ensure you don’t make silly mistakes.

Mailchimp Guides

G – Guides are available from the Mailchimp website to ensure your campaigns are successful.

H – Hit the “Monkey Button” when you are sure that your Campaign is 100% correct and not before.

I – Internet users are using social media networks at least once per month 71% of the time.

Mailchimp is Free

J – Just get started, Mailchimp is free for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.

K – Keep using the support pages and guidelines that Mailchimp provides and you can’t go wrong.

L – Links – All links from Mailchimp should go to your website and ensure you test them to ensure they are linking to the best page possible.

Mailchimp Landing Pages

L – Landing pages can be developed using Mailchimp.

L – Loyalty can be boosted through thanking first time shoppers with marketing automation.

Marketing Automation

M – Marketing automation is available as a FREE feature which allows a series of emails to customers when certain conditions are met.

M – Merge tags can be used to customise your automation so that the customer’s name appears in the email.

N – Newsletters

N – Newsletters will be responsive as customers can click through to your website and purchase your goods and services.

O – Other features include developing landing pages, product recommendations for customers, abandoned shopping cart, Google remarketing Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Mobile App.

P – Pictures

P – Pictures – Ensure you include pictures with your Campaigns to generate interest and give balance to your email

P – Product recommendations can be personalised based on the shopper needs and previous purchases.

Q – Question

Q – Question everything you are doing to ensure it works.

R – Recover abandoned carts and get visitors to complete their shopping.

R – Retarget customers that have clicked on your ad in Google, Facebook or Instagram so your ad pops up in front of them until they make a purchase.

Test Email

S – Send a test email to yourself and someone else to get some feedback about your campaign.

T – Templates are easy to use with Mailchimp – Just follow the instructions.

T – Test your emails to ensure the links and information are correct.

U – Use photos with faces of people so your customers can relate to them and engage with your emails.

V – Videos

V – Videos can be used in Mailchimp campaigns to engage your customers.

W – Win people back by targeting emails to lapsed customers.

W – Window shoppers can be turned into customers with engaging emails.

X – eXperts have written resources to ensure you can understand and use the features effectively.

Y – Yell out and send a Mailchimp campaign to your contacts that gets them looking at your website.

Z – Zerendipity shall be achieved when use Mailchimps’ cool functions.


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