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How Can I Sell on Facebook?

Use Facebook for Business If you have products, you can upload them to Facebook and sell them directly to your customers. Include

Does Facebook Advertising Work?

Yes, Facebook Ads do work.  You need to set realistic goals for your Facebook campaigns and not go for the sale straight away if the item has a high price tag.  It is important to create a relationship with your audience.  They need to trust you.

The Process for Developing Facebook Ads

Step 1

Develop a clear goal for your Facebook campaign.  If the item is a low-cost item, you may sell it straight away.  If the item is more expensive or is a service, you may want to collect some contact details from your customers.

Step 2

If you are wanting to get some contact information, give something away that customers will trade their Name and email address for.  This could be an informational PDF or a discount.

Step 3

If you are selling a service, develop an ad that provides a solution to a problem or sells your products set up on your Facebook for Business page.  You can even add the Products to your Facebook Ad.

Develop a landing page that provides lots of information about your product and/or service. This includes problems that your product solves, solutions to the problems and client testimonials or positive reviews.

Send people from the ad to the landing page and don’t give them an option to go anywhere else.  On the landing page they can give their email address and first name to receive a give-away or discount.

Step 4

If you are selling tickets to an event, you may be able to sell tickets straight away with a great landing page.  You can even develop a landing page on EventBrite.

Step 5

If you are selling products, you can include the products in the ad to sell them directly.  If they are low-cost or popular items they may sell straight away.  Higher cost items will take a longer time and will require more thought from your customers.

Step 6

Ensure you store the email addresses and first names on Mailchimp or a similar service.

Step 7

Send an email to thank the customer for the sale and provide information about how to use your products or services. Also include a call to action, such as “Contact us if you have any questions”.

Step 8

Review every step of the process to ensure that each component is working. If one of the processes is not working, the campaign will not work and you will not reach your campaign goal.

For more information about developing Facebook Ads, contact Business Success today.

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