Does Facebook Advertising Work?

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Yes, Facebook Ads do work.  You need to set realistic goals for your Facebook campaigns and not go for the sale straight away.  It is important to create a relationship with your audience.  They need to trust you.

The Process for Developing Facebook Ads

Step 1

Develop a clear goal for your Facebook campaign.

Step 2

Give something away that customers will trade their email address for.

Step 3

Develop an ad that provides a solution to a problem.

Step 4

Develop a landing page that provides lots of information about your product and/or service. This includes problems that your product solves, solutions to the problems and client testimonials.

Step 5

Send people from the ad to the landing page.  On the landing page they can give their email address and first name to receive a give-away.

Step 6

Ensure you store the email addresses and first names on Mailchimp or a similar service.

Step 7

Send an email that provides information about how to use your products or services. Also include a call to action, such as “Call us today to get yours”.

Step 8

Review every step of the process to ensure that each component is working. If one of the processes is not working, the campaign will not work and you will not reach your campaign goal.

For more information about developing Facebook Ads, contact Business Success today.

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Does Facebook Advertising Work?

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