11 Tips for Getting Sales Leads on Linked in

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Linked in a valuable tool for storing Resumes and looking for work.  It also has a secondary use as an opportunity to find the names of key decision makers in order to sell products and/or services to.

  1. Ensure your Linked in page is up to date.
  2. Have an interesting summary which clearly says what you do in concise sentences.
  3. Include a professional head-shot photo of yourself.  Remember, this is a professional profile.
  4. Include projects with links to others that have been involved with your projects.
  5. Ask your customers for testimonials which they can post on your profile.
  6. Take out jobs which are not relevant to what you are doing now.
  7. Include your Resume as a download.
  8. Include samples of your work.
  9. Write articles of interest about the products you sell and the services that you deliver.
  10. Create strategic relationships with decision makers.
  11. When you meet someone, check out their linked in profile and request a link.
  12. It is as easy as that.  I have assisted many clients to get new customers on Linked in.

If you would like to find out how to use Linked in to get more sales, contact Business Success today.

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11 Tips for Getting Sales Leads on Linked in

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