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How Can I Sell on Facebook?

Use Facebook for Business If you have products, you can upload them to Facebook and sell them directly to your customers. Include

11 Tips for Selling on Ebay

1. What is good to sell on Ebay? In order to successfully sell on Ebay, your item needs to be:

  • Easy to send
  • Popular so that multiple bidders are bidding
  • Rare – so that people are interested in your product
  • Able to be sold online – If the quality of your item is obvious and can be shown on a photo, then your product is ideal for Ebay.

2. Write a concise description about your item.

3.Be honest and develop a good reputation on Ebay.

4. Create a professional listing without any waffle.

5. Use bullet points to be concise about the products you are selling.

6. Take good quality pictures and upload them to your listing.

7. Set the price:

  • Research prices of similar articles on Ebay;
  • If your item is not on Ebay, research the market price and start with that price.

8. Set the times for your auction:

  • Buyers are on-line late at night;
  • Set your auction to end late at night, say midnight;
  • Give customers time to make bids

9. Be clear about your returns, refunds and freight policies.

10. Post smartly:

  • Don’t overinflate your postage;
  • Consider Freight insurance if your item is breakable or rare;
  • Include the postage and freight insurance in the cost of the item.

11. Always have exceptional customer service.

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