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How Can I Sell on Facebook?

Use Facebook for Business If you have products, you can upload them to Facebook and sell them directly to your customers. Include

Facebook Posts that Get Attention

There are certain Facebook Posts that Get a lot of Attention:

  • What are the Top 10 Things to Sell on the Internet? – 151 Reach, 1 like, 1 share
  • How do you Get Facebook Sales Leads? – 170 Reach, 1 like, 1 share
  • How do you Sell Professional Services on Linked in? – 99 Reach, 1 like, 1 share
  • 11 Ways for Business Promotion – 192 Reach, 1 like, 2 shares
  • Who Uses Facebook – 175 Reach, 2 likes , 2 shares
  • 9 Benefits of Using Facebook for Business – 170 Reach, 2 likes, 2 shares
  • Video Creation that Will Attract Customers – 103 Reach, 1 like, 1 share

Which Facebook Posts Rate Well?

As can be seen from above, visitors love the “Top 10”, “9 Benefits” and “11 Ways”.  Visitors want attention getting subject lines with the content being on topic to the subject line.  They want something that is quick and easy to read.  They like short sentences and simple words.  Your article should not be a chore to read.

Once you start writing and posting articles, check your Facebook Insights to find out what your visitors are reading.  You can repost articles which are popular.  You can also gain more insight into what to write.

If you would like more information about how using Facebook for Business, contact Business Success today.

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