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How Do I Sell on Ebay?

How do I Sell on EBay?

There is a Process to Sell on Ebay

These activities include:

  1. Become a Registered Member

  2. Enter your Information

  3. Agree to the User Agreement

Terms include:

  • Not to post in inappropriate categories
  • Must be 18
  • Not fail to deliver products or service
  • Not manipulate the price
  • Post false, deceptive or misleading information
  • Undermine the Feedback or ratings systems
  • Distribute SPAM, chain letters and viruses
  • Harvest or collect user information without consent
  1. Review your Information

To ensure it is correct

  1. Become a Seller

  • Set up a Seller Account
  • Confirm your automatic payment method
  • Select your preferred payment methods from customers
  • Get paypal verified
  1. Get Ready to Sell

  • Know your selling price and product categories
  • Understand postage costs and locations
  • Know and abide to Ebay’s rules for sellers
  1. Create your Listing

Describe your item in clear, concise terms

  1. Know the Fee Structure

  • Free listing entitlement
  • Insertion fee – standard fee $1.50 to $3.50 plus basic storage fee – free to $3.00
  • Final Value fee – 4.8% to 9.9% to max $400
  1. Click on the “Sell” Tab at the Top of the Pages

  2. Enter 3 to 5 words about your item

  3. Click the “Start Selling” Button

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