Who are the Top Ten Companies with the Most Facebook Likes

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Which companies are getting Facebook Likes?

  1. Coca-Cola – 47.6 million likes
  2. Disney – 37.8 million likes
  3. Converse – 32.7 million likes
  4. Starbucks – 31.3 million likes
  5. Red Bull – 29.6 million likes
  6. Oreo – 27.6 million likes
  7. Skittles 22.7 million likes
  8. McDonald’s – 21.7 million likes
  9. Pringles – 20.1 million likes
  10. Victoria’s Secret – 19.3 million likes

What Can You Learn from these Facebook Likes?

There are no surprises here.  Companies that have huge marketing budgets and supply channels are at the top of the list.  Everybody knows these brands.

Also note that 7 of these companies sell food and would position their advertising and marketing strategies around meal times and other times when consumers would be hungry.

Think about your customers.  When would they be thinking about your products?  That is the time that you need to have your products in front of them with an offer.

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Who are the Top Ten Companies with the Most Facebook Likes

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