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Why Do People Use Facebook?

People use Facebook for a variety of reasons including:

  • See what their friends are posting
  • Find out where their friends are through Facebook places – a local coffee shop or meeting spot can register their business as a place so their location can be shared with Facebook users
  • Share their game results
  • Advise others of events which can be set up on Facebook and promoted to ensure high attendance
  • Share information with others such as holiday, events, fun information or other items
  • Share photos with family and friends
  • See what celebrities are doing and what they are buying
  • Find out the specials for the shops they regularly purchase from

How can Facebook Benefit your Business?

  • If a business knows what people are looking at and interested in, it can promote those items to obtain a share of sales
  • Promote events they run and have employees and friends share the event to increase reach
  • Run competitions to improve the number of people following their posts
  • Find out which items are trending and advertise them on their Facebook account to improve sales
  • Share posts to let their followers know they sell those items

For more information about using Facebook for Business, contact Business Success.

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