Top 10 Items for Internet Sales

Beard products.  Impressive beards are the trend and beard keepers need products to keep their beards looking neat.  These could be shipped in packaging to ensure they don’t break during transit. Wooden sunglasses.  Although I have never seen anyone wearing them, they are a new trend with demand for these products increasing since October 2009.  […]

9 Hot Tips for Selling Products on the Internet

Sell products on internet that you know about and are interested in. Consider how you will get the product to your customer – is the product too big or heavy to ship? Will the freight costs be more than the product price? Think about drop shipping. The supplier of the product delivers directly to your […]

9 Benefits for Using Facebook for Business

Why is Facebook the Latest Trend for Business? – Facebook for Business Facebook for Business gives you many marketing goals for your business.  In order to get started you need to develop a Facebook Business Page.  After you have developed your Facebook Business page, you can build awareness, generate leads, educate your audience, get more […]

10 Easy Steps for Setting up Email Campaigns with Mailchimp

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Using Mailchimp for Email Marketing Email marketing is vital to businesses to build their customer base.  Here are 10 easy steps for setting up Mailchimp Email Campaigns. 10 Tips for Mailchimp Email Marketing Success If you already have a list of email addresses that are active then use them for your Mailchimp campaigns. Mailchimp is […]

Is Email Marketing Illegal?

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1. Email Marketing in Australia In Australia, the recipients of your emails must have consented to receiving emails before you send them.  If you set up an automated email list that advises that you will be sending customers email newsletters then this may meet the legal requirement for consent. 2. Privacy Policy When collecting email […]

The Top 7 Best Email Marketing Programs

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Email marketing will continue to be a tool for delivering information to customers and prospective customers. The following are the Top 7 marketing tools as rated by “WP Beginner”: Constant Contact Features free for 60 days, no long term contracts.   If you prepay for 6 or 12 months, you can get up to 15% […]

What Can’t You Post on Facebook?

Facebook advises what you can’t do in their “Terms”: 1. Unlawful multi-level marketing Such as a pyramid scheme. 2. Upload viruses Or other malicious code. 3. Solicit login information Or access an account belonging to someone else. 4. Bully, intimidate, or harass any user 5. Post content that is hate speech, threatening, or pornographic This […]

10 Hot Tips for Selling on Facebook

Here are some tips for selling on Facebook: 1. Have clear and professional photos Otherwise your photos will make you look unprofessional and customers will not take you seriously. 2. Include a clear and catchy logo of your business It may be worthwhile to engage a graphic designer to develop your logo. 3. Understand Facebook […]