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How Can I Sell on Facebook?

Use Facebook for Business If you have products, you can upload them to Facebook and sell them directly to your customers. Include

10 Hot Tips for Selling on Facebook

Here are some tips for selling on Facebook:

1. Upload your Products to Facebook for Business

Ensure your photos, descriptions, and pricing meet market expectations.  Ensure your photos look unprofessional to boost sales.

2. Include a clear and catchy logo of your business

It may be worthwhile to engage a graphic designer to develop your logo.

3. Understand Facebook etiquette

Share other’s post and engage in conversations.

4. Build your presence

Post on your Facebook for Business page and share your posts on your personal profile.  Invite others to follow your Facebook for Business page. 

5. Network with other businesses on line

They can understand your business and what they have to offer.  You may even create synergies with other businesses and cross-promote to each other.

6. Return the Likes

Make an effort to thank and return the likes to other businesses.

7. Ask before you promote

If you going to promote your products and services on other business pages and in groups ask first.  Some groups don’t allow you to sell your products and/or services.

8. Interact with people that like your posts

Look at their posts, answer their questions, but don’t look like a stalker.

9. Respond to comments and answer questions within 24 hours

People need to know that you understand their needs.  Respond to comments and messages within 24 hours or as soon as possible.

10. If you make a promise on Facebook, stick to it

Your followers will be expecting you to follow through.

11. And always post content that people are interested in

Don’t keep going on about your problems and ensure your content interests them.

If you want to find out more about what to post on Facebook, contact Business Success today.

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