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How Can I Sell on Facebook?

Use Facebook for Business If you have products, you can upload them to Facebook and sell them directly to your customers. Include

9 Hot Tips for Selling Products on the Internet

  1. Sell products on internet that you know about and are interested in.
  2. Consider how you will get the product to your customer – is the product too big or heavy to ship? Will the freight costs be more than the product price?
  3. Think about drop shipping. The supplier of the product delivers directly to your customer and you don’t need to handle the product.
  4. Consider not selling electrical items – these will have warranties and you will have to honor those warranties. This will involve product returns and exchanges which may become too tricky.
  5. Research your products to sell on internet to find out the current trends, prices, variations and other information about your product.
  6. Ensure you sell products on internet at a profit – you don’t want to work for nothing. Sell at a price that you know people will pay for.  You can later sell at a discount, but it will be very hard to increase your prices later if you don’t get it right.
  7. Include shipping in the price of your product. You can add it onto the purchase price.  People don’t like to pay for shipping, but if it is included in the purchase price they will have less resistance to the purchase.
  8. Have an open mind when considering your advertising strategies. There are so many digital marketing strategies including blogs, websites, adverts, advertorials, Facebook business pages, Facebook Ads and others.
  9. Don’t just compete on price, there are so many options to compete with, including product, place, promotion and distribution. You need to ensure your product is different and better than the others.  This can include better packing so that the product is not damaged in transit, include discount vouchers with your product for subsequent sales, information about how to get the best use from your product or other items which improves your product.

If you would like to work out a strategy to sell on the internet contact Business Success.

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