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Is Email Marketing Illegal?

1. Email Marketing in Australia

In Australia, the recipients of your emails must have consented to receiving emails before you send them.  If you set up an automated email list that advises that you will be sending customers email newsletters then this may meet the legal requirement for consent.

2. Privacy Policy

When collecting email addresses it is also advisable to include a link to your privacy policy.

3. Include Contact Details

In the email you need to include your contact details so that they receiver of the email knows who is sending the email.

4. The Unsubscribe Option

It is also advisable to include an unsubscribe option at the bottom of your email.  This will ensure that if customers don’t want to receive your emails, they can opt out.

5. Factual Emails and Permitted Businesses

Some email messages are exempt from email marketing laws and these include purely factual emails and emails from permitted businesses.  Permitted businesses include governments, political parties, charities and educational institutions.

6. Breach of Email Marketing Laws

If you breach email marketing laws, you may receive formal warnings, get fined up to $1.8 million, taken to Federal Court, or receive an injunction from a Federal Court.

Ensure that you meet these recommendations and you will have no legal problems.

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