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How Can I Sell on Facebook?

Use Facebook for Business If you have products, you can upload them to Facebook and sell them directly to your customers. Include

11 Ways for Business Promotion

Business Cards for Business Promotion

Have business cards developed with a logo that let others know the services that your business offers.  Ensure you include your website address.  It is not necessary to include your social media accounts as these should be linked back to your website.  The back of your business card is the perfect place to list your core services with the most popular first.

Your Email Signature for Business Promotion

Ensure you include the name of your business, the website and core services on your email signature as well as a phone number.

Wrapping your Vehicle for Business Promotion

Consider having a wrap on your vehicle – especially if you have consumer goods.  This will increase your brand presence and demand for your brand.

Use Social Media for Business Promotion

There are many social media platforms that will work for your business.  You will need to use a social media platform that is used by your customers.

Blog and write articles for Business Promotion

This will help you to become known as the specialist in the field.  Customers will learn to trust you before making their purchase and it will make the sales process easier.

Have a website that showcases your goods and services

Include the problems your products and services solves.  Include how they can purchase and a call to action to ensure that your website meets its goals.


Get your articles published in magazines to promote your business and expand the trust.


Press Releases and Advertorials are great for promoting your business.  Press Releases are more about changes in your business.  Advertorials are about the benefits of your products and services.

Cross Promotion

Find other businesses that have the same types of customers that you do.  Make sure they are not a competitor.  Share each other’s  flyers, Facebook posts, discount coupons and other advertising strategies.

Give Aways

Give away something of value to your customers.  This can include pens, mugs, glasses, templates and articles.  It needs to be something of value that the customer will use.  In return for these give aways you will want to obtain an email address.  You can then create a relationship with these customers.

Give a Seminar or Presentation

Give some valuable information to a group of people for free.  Inspire them to purchase your products and services.  But leave the sales pitch until last.  You will need to be seen giving something away.

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