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How Can I Sell on Facebook?

Use Facebook for Business If you have products, you can upload them to Facebook and sell them directly to your customers. Include

My Website is Full of Images with Little Text – Search Engine Optimization

My website is full of images and any text is developed as an image.  This has resulted in little thought about Search Engine Optimization and causes the following problems:

Little Content for Google

There is not a lot of content for Google to reference.

Labeling Images Correctly

Images have not been correctly labelled in the back-end.

Your Competitors

Your competitors have more content and their websites are being rated higher than yours.

Using Keywords

No thought has been given to keywords that your customers would use to find your website.

Business Success can review your website and make recommendations for an improved website.  Improvements and recommendations for Search Engine Optimization include:

Checking Google Rankings

Checking your current Google Rankings as a benchmark for improvements.

Keyword Research

Keyword research for relevant keywords to be included in your website content.

Writing Website Content

Writing website content around keywords.

Use Keywords

Including keywords in website page names.

Label Everything

Ensuring everything is labelled on the back end.

If you would like a Search Engine Optimization Website Review, contact Business Success today.

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