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My Website is not Updated on a Regular Basis

My website is not updated on a regular basis. I have the following problems:

  • Google want to have fresh content uploaded regularly so they can reference my website.
  • My competitors have been updating their website content and rank higher than your business.
  • Backups have not been performed on a monthly basis and if my website is hacked or goes down there is nothing that you can do about it.

Business Success can assist with many services including:

  • Website maintenance including a website backup and updating software on a monthly basis.
  • Copywriting – writing and uploading articles to your website.  These can be used for social media posts and attracting customers to your website.
  • Competitor Review – Reviewing your competitors and finding strategies they are using to obtain more customers.  This will include a Competitor Website Review and Competitor Social Media Marketing review.
  • Making recommendations for improving your website content and social media marketing strategies.
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