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Search Engine Submission for Search Engine Optimization?

Is Search Engine Submission Necessary for Search Engine Optimization?

No, search engine submission is not necessary but we have found that is can assist Google to index your site correctly and more rapidly.  “Google bots”  will find your website by looking at your content.

Make your Content Easy to Read for Search Engine Optimization

Ensure that your content is easily ready by:

  • Writing informative content on your web pages
  • Ensure that you have not plagiarized your content
  • Don’t write content in PDFs or in images as this will not be referenced
  • Update your content on a regular basis
  • Keep your content fresh and interesting

Improve your Website Content

Submitting your website to search engines may not be necessary.  There are things you can do to improve your rankings.  Write content that interests your readers.  Use keywords and label the keywords.

Contact Business Success for assistance with your Search Engine Optimization.

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