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The Importance of Anchor Text in Back Links

Anchor Text

When developing a linking strategy for your website, don’t underestimate the importance of anchor text.  Google and other search engines take back-links into consideration when ranking a website.  An external link to your site is very useful.  But they are more powerful when they include keywords and terms in the anchor text.

External Site Links

When an external site links to your website they will use your company name in the anchor text.  This may not provide any type of description of the products or services you provide.  Typically your website will already rank well for it business name.  You want it to rank better for the products or services your provide.

When getting external sites to link to your site make sure you include the keywords that relate to your website content.

External Site Links Example

Here is an example using fictional company “Joe’s Home Maintenance”:

Most people will link using the terms “Joe’s”.  Sure that will work, but it does not describe what Joe’s does. The link will not be effective.  By adding the word “maintenance” or “home maintenance”you should be able to drive additional traffic.

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