Which Search Engine Optimization Techniques are Used by Business Success?

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Google Analytics

The SEO Techniques utilised by Business Success include utilising Google Analytics to find out where your customers come from.  We discover what they are looking for and what pages they are landing on.

Keyword Research

Keyword research for keywords that best describe your services. We ensure those keywords have a limited number of competing pages and generate first page Google searches for our clients.

Using Keywords

Ensuring your website content uses keywords which are labelled correctly so Google can find your website.

Search Engine Optimization Plugins

Using Search Engine Optimization plugins correctly during website development to improve Search Engine Optimization on your website.

Including Relevant Images

Including relevant images and labeling them correctly with meta tags.

Writing Relevant Content

Writing relevant content and articles on a regular basis.

Uploading Articles

Uploading articles and content to improve Search Engine Optimization.  This will also ensure you are regarded as the specialist in your field.

Regular Updates to Software

Completing regular updates to all your software used by your website.  This will ensure all plugins are working correctly.

Performing Regular Backups

Performing regular backups so your website can be re-loaded should it become hacked or broken.

Using Relevant Content

Ensuring your content is relevant and is spelt correctly with no grammatical errors.

Labelling your Website Pages

Labeling your website pages correctly and using keywords.

Deleting Placeholder Text

Deleting all placeholder text from the back end of your website.  This will give Google a clear understanding about the goods and services offered by your business.

Adding Fresh Content

Adding fresh content uploaded to your website on a regular basis.

Using Relevant Links

Ensuring there are links to other relevant websites and these links have been reciprocated.

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Which Search Engine Optimization Techniques are Used by Business Success?

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