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Everything You Need for a Successful Google Adwords Campaign

Google Adwords Campaigns can be very tricky to get right.  Here are some tips to ensure that your Google Adwords Campaign Manager is getting your Google Adwords Campaigns right.

Get a quote

For your Google Adwords Campaign Manager so you understand what is included and not included in your Google Adwords Campaign.

Set up a budget

For your Google Adwords campaigns which includes the amount that you can afford to pay to an Agency plus the Google Adwords budget.

  • This is how much you are prepared to spend on all Google Adwords campaigns per day.
  • Find out the cost of the keywords that you would like to use. Include those costs in your budget

Work out the profit

On the goods and services that you are selling. Will the cost per acquisition of each customer cover the profits that you will make from that customer?

Develop clear goals

For your Google Adwords Campaigns which could be to:

  • Sell products;
  • Obtain email addresses; or
  • Book customers into an event.

Have an irresistible offer

That customers would supply their details for.

Develop your customer profiles with care

For example, include where they live, their interests, their age, their gender and other details which are relevant for your customers.

Thoroughly research keywords

Your customers would use to find your business. These keywords change overtime, so be sure to use a Keyword Planning Tool like Market Samurai or Google Keyword Planner to get the best results.

Ensure your Google Adwords Consultant

Develops a dedicated landing page to either to obtain the email addresses and contact details of your potential customers. This landing page should not include the header or footer sections of your website as you want to capture these people.

Ensure you test and measure each of the ads

As well as each of the landing pages to ensure they all work and that customers details are sent to you when their details are added to a contact form on your landing page.

Ensure you obtain a monthly report

From your campaigns and your Campaign Manager answers all your emails, phone calls and questions to ensure that you are happy with the services.

For more information about Google Adwords Campaigns, contact Business Success today.

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