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How do you Get on the First Page of a Google Search using Google Adwords and Other Strategies

There are several ways to get on the first page of a Google Search for specific keywords.  This can be through optimizing your website content; listing your business on business directories; and paying for Google Adwords campaigns.

Optimizing Website Content

This involves using keywords in your website content which have a high number of searches and a low number of competing pages.  These keywords need to be used throughout the content of your website. 

You will need to research keywords to be included in your website.  A high-tech tool is Market Samurai which will give you a list of keywords and also a list of competitors that will come up in a keyword search.  An easier tool to understand is Google’s Keyword Planner.

You will need to consider uploading an SEO plugin to your website.  WordPress websites work very well with the Yoast plugin.  Other plugins should be available for other websites.  Ensure you fill in all the appropriate sections of your plugin tool to get the full benefit of the plugin.

Listings on Business Directories

In order to find the best directories that you should use for business perform a Google Search on your competitors.  Ensure you list on those directories that come up on the first page of the search.

Google Adwords Campaigns

When you use Google Adwords Campaigns you will come up on a Google Search on the right-hand side of that page.  However, if someone else has bid a higher amount than you they will appear higher up on the same search.  Ensure you research and choose your Google Adwords carefully.

For more assistance with coming up on the first page of a Google Search, contact Business Success today.

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