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What are the Problems with Google Adwords?

Google Adwords can be very problematic when they have not been set up properly.  The problems that we have encountered when checking existing competitor ad campaigns include the following.

Not having a dedicated landing page

Visitors to the page can visit other sections of your website without looking at the offer, clicking on the link or supplying their personal information.

You will pay per click that each person makes on your Ad

Find out the cost per click of each of the keywords you are using so that you can cover the cost per acquisition of each customer in the price of your goods and services.  If you are selling a product for only $5 it may not be worthwhile to consider Google Adwords.

It is hard to compete with companies

These big companies have big budgets whom can bid more on the keywords. They will bid competitively on keywords they like and more closely match the keywords their customers use.

It can be very difficult to draft an ad that works

There are restrictions on the number of characters that can be used:

  • 25 characters in the headline;
  • 35 characters each in the two lines of text; and
  • 35 characters in the display URL.

Therefore, care needs to be taken in drafting a Google Adword Campaign that meets the needs of your customers.

Don’t forget to turn your Google Adwords Campaigns off

If you keep the ads running, they will cost you more money than budgeted for.

Contact Business Success today about setting up your Google Adwords Campaigns.

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