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How Can I Sell on Facebook?

Use Facebook for Business If you have products, you can upload them to Facebook and sell them directly to your customers. Include

8 Ways to Sell Using Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is used to create a relationship with your customer.  This will  allow you to sell on social media.  Here are some suggestions to create and relationship and ultimately to sell to your customer.

1. Match your Social Strategy to Your Customer

What social media marketing platform are your customers using?  Reach them on their preferred social media platform.  Listen to problems that you can solve.  Share meaningful advice and earn trust.

2. Create the Right content at the Right Volume

What do your customers want to see?  What platforms do you want to solve?  How often do you post?  How often do customers think about your products and services?  It depends on your products and services.  If you are a weight loss business, then your customers will be thinking about your product every day.  You will want to time your posts around the times they are thinking about preparing their meals.

3. Build your Network

Find people on social media marketing platforms that would be interested in your products and services.  Ask them to “Follow” you.  You will also need to find out what they are interested in.  Make posts about those subjects.

4. Every Post Does Not Have to Sell Something

Your posts can provide information or tips and tricks to use their products and services.  You can provide a link to a related article.  Every post does not have to make a sale.

5. When You Want to Sell Something

When looking for a sale, include a link back to your website or a landing page with a call to action.  Use this as an opportunity to capture their email address.

6. Facebook’s Marketplace

Provides an opportunity for everyone to buy and sell products on the internet. Buyers and sellers share their location with the app so that they can transact goods locally.

7. Consider Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads can assist to sell goods to customers through targeted marketing strategies to maximize your return on investment.

8. Instagram

Now has a “Shop Now” function where you can purchase the products that you see on Instagram.

So what strategies will work for you?  Consider all these strategies and use 2 or 3 platforms that would suit your customers to promote and/or sell your products or services.

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