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What are the Latest Facebook Advertising Trends?

The latest Facebook Marketing trends include:

Facebook Videos

Everyone likes to watch an interesting video. Ensure you have a purpose for your video.  Outline outlined what it will contain.  Understand what you would like your video to achieve.

Facebook Ad Targeting

Target your Facebook Ads to certain groups.  You can even target to people that look like your customers.

Tracking Facebook Campaigns

Reviewing campaigns to ensure they are effective.

Optimising Facebook Campaigns

Testing, tweaking and improving your Facebook Campaigns.  This will ensure they are successful.

Facebook Marketing Funnel

Having a process that customers go through to be validated.  This will ensure they are an interested customer.

Dynamic Ads

This involves putting ads in front of customers that they are already interested in.

Facebook Marketplace

Where friends and neighbors meet to buy and sell goods and services.

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