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Video Production that Will Attract Customers

Video creation is gaining in popularity.  Many videos are featured on You Tube, TV and movie advertising.  Here are 9 video creation ideas that will attract customers:

Commercial Video Production

Feature as You Tube ads, commercials and social media ads.

Educational Content Video Production

2 minutes or less about “how to”. These videos are great for content marketing, a questions page and social media.

Animated Explainer Video Production

Explaining how your product and/or service can be of benefit. These videos can feature on your Home page, You Tube and social media.

Live Action Explainer Video Production

Great for professional services, cooking or arts and crafts. They can feature on your Home page, You Tube and social media.

Branded Content Video Production

A blend of advertising and editorials in 6o seconds. They are great for building a brand.  They can feature on your Home page, You Tube, Social Media and Television.

Company Story Video Production

Detail about how your business started and the stages it has been through. This video can take 5 minutes.  It would be great for obtaining company investors.

Case Study Video Production

Featuring an interview with your customers.  Include how your goods and services have benefited them.

Tutorial Video Production

A video showing the user how to use products. These can be included as a part of a course, a download from your website, or a part of your FAQs.

Retention Video Production

Instead of an email, communicate to your customers via video.  Create a video about your latest products and services.  The video can include alternative ways of using your products.

If you have an idea for video creation, discuss it with a digital marketing professional at Business Success.  We can capture and edit your video to suit your needs.

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