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How Can I Sell on Facebook?

Use Facebook for Business If you have products, you can upload them to Facebook and sell them directly to your customers. Include

What are the Top 8 Problems with Digital Marketing?

Businesses have the following problems with digital marketing:

  1. 65% of businesses have difficulty generating traffic and leads.  Work out where your customers are coming from and develop marketing strategies to reach your new customers there.
  2. 43% of businesses have a challenge proving the Return on Investment (ROI) of marketing activities.  Ensure all marketing activities have been allocated to a campaign which has clear goals.
  3. 28% have difficulty securing enough budget.  Marketing expenses should be measured as a percentage of sales and have a measurable outcome to ensure they are successful.  Each industry will have a recommendation about how much money should be spent on marketing.
  4. 26% need support in managing their website.  Find a Digital Marketing agency that can update your website content and develop and post articles which engage your customers.
  5. 25% of businesses have trouble identifying the right technologies for their business needs.  Talk to specialists in the field whom have knowledge in different technologies.  Also identify the technologies that your competitors are using.
  6. 23% have difficulty targeting content for an international audience.  If your customers are overseas, consider hiring a person that can develop content that will engage those customers.
  7. 19% of businesses have challenges training their employees about digital marketing.  If your staff don’t have skills in digital marketing, consider hiring an outside Consultant to develop solutions for you.
  8. 17% have difficulty hiring top talent.  If you need some assistance with digital marketing, hire a Consultant on a project basis.

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