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Why Use Facebook Advertising as a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Facebook is a Popular Social Media Tool

Facebook is one of the most popular social media tools.  In February 2017 Facebook advised that they are the “biggest social network worldwide”.  In January 2015 Facebook had more than “1.59 billion global monthly active users”  This included close to 1.44 billion mobile monthly active users.  This is a great market to target for Facebook Advertising.

Target Facebook Users

If you want to target those 1.44 billion active users there are several ways to run Facebook Advertising:

  1. You will need to develop a Facebook Business page.  The Facebook Business page showcases the products and services your business sells.
  2. Write posts with engaging content. These posts will be targeted to your Facebook Friends.  Your Facebook Friends may or may not be interested in your business’ products and services.
  3. Develop Facebook Advertising which is targeted to your customers. Facebook can target whether your customers are Male or Female; where they live; their age; and what their interests are.

Develop Facebook Ads

  1. Develop a goal for your Facebook campaign, to obtain email addresses; obtain people for an event; or make a sale.
  2. Outline a customer profile or use a CSV file of your own customers.
  3. Develop a Facebook Advertising with an image or video.
  4. Create a Landing page to point your Facebook Ad to.
  5. Give something to your customers in order to obtain their email address or generate a sale.

Contact Business Success develop your Facebook Advertising campaigns.

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