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Which Digital Marketing Strategies Should I Use for My Business?

Market Research about Digital Marketing Strategies

“Smart Insights” has undertaken research about digital marketing strategies.  2,352 marketers world-wide have been surveyed.

Content Marketing – 20.3%

Content Marketing is the content you have on your website and internet.  It details the problems you solve and the products and services you sell.

Big Data – 20.2%

Big Data is the market and customer insights.  It predicts the results.  This includes website customization and email marketing.  Email marketing is targeted to specific customers.

Marketing Automation – 10.3%

Marketing Automation includes email marketing and specific web strategies.  34% of businesses using marketing automation have developed it to a good standard.

Mobile Marketing – 9.2%

Mobile Marketing includes Mobile advertising, site development and apps.  Retail sales are significantly lower on Smart phones.

Social Media Marketing – 8.8%

Social Media Marketing includes Customer Relationship Marketing and customer care.  Facebook and Twitter are declining or maintaining usage in Western Countries.  Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest are increasing in usage.

Are you still confused?

This information has come from a detailed report written by a Digital Marketing Guru.

The best thing you can do is to ask your customers where they heard about you.  Continue to use those marketing strategies that have provided successful results.

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