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How do you Deal with a Negative Facebook Post?

Negative Post on Facebook

You get a negative post on Facebook.  You may have put some fabulous posts on Facebook and someone has a beef with you and they respond with a negative post.  What do you do?

3 Options

This happens to many businesses, you have 3 options with a negative post – Ignore it, Delete it or Respond to it.

Ignore the Negative Post

If you Ignore it, it may not look good on your Facebook Business Page.

Respond to the Negative Post

If you choose to respond to it, make sure you know all the facts and give the person an opportunity to discuss it further.

Negative Post Example

I once saw a negative post about someone that did not pass her Landlord inspection and she wrote some very bad comments about her landlord.  The landlord responded that she was aware of the reasons why her house did not pass inspection and that if she wanted to discuss it further, she could contact her and gave her phone number.

This is a very diplomatic way of dealing with a negative post.  But beware, you will want to be in a positive frame of mind when dealing with negative comments.

Remove the Negative Comment

Or the third option is to remove the negative comment.  But other comments may follow.

It is entirely up to you, but remember, others will see their comments and yours also.

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