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How do You Use Buffer for Social Media Marketing?

Buffer is a wonderful tool.  You can integrate your Facebook, Linked in, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Pinterest and Instagram accounts.  Buffer is changing all the time and you can be sure that this list will expand.

Buffer – The Free Version

The free version currently allows you to have 2 accounts plus 10 posts per account.  You can post at dates and times that you determine.  You can make the posts the same for each account, or you can make them different.  It is entirely up to you about how you use buffer.

Using the Facebook and Linked in Options in Buffer

For example, you may have a different group of customers with different needs on Facebook than on the Linked in account.  The Linked in account is more corporate focused.  Your Facebook account is direct to consumers.  You will want to put different posts on each of these accounts to consider the different needs of each of these customers.

Buffer will help you to add content to your social media accounts.  You you can concentrate on other things in your business.  You can even go on holiday.

It is worthwhile exploring Buffer as a Social Media Management tool to plan out your Social Media posts.  You can post date your posts for a specific time to ensure they released at a time that your customers will read them.

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