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How Can I Sell on Facebook?

Use Facebook for Business If you have products, you can upload them to Facebook and sell them directly to your customers. Include

What is the 2nd Biggest Search Engine Behind Google?

Forbes advises that Youtube is the second biggest search engine behind Google.  Youtube has over 3 billion searches per month.

To ensure the best results for your digital marketing strategies, undertake the following activities:

1. Develop a Youtube Channel to upload all your videos to.

2. Verify your YouTube account.

3. Complete all the information requested to ensure the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results possible. 

4. Consider the types of videos that you would like to produce.  Types of videos include explainer videos, testimonials, how to videos, recipes, etc. 

5. Have a clear goal for each video and ensure your video is kept to a maximum of one minute in length unless you are developing a training video or shooting a sporting game.

6. Plan your Video content by writng a script or a list of questions that you would like to have answered.

7. Consider where the video will be shot – inside or outside.  If you are shooting a video outside, ensure that the weather is good and there is enough light.  You may consider bringing extra  lights.

8. Plan to shoot your content in a block of time.  You may even consider shooting several videos at the same time.

9. Ensure you have all the equipment you need.  Consider the camera (or phone), a tripod, microphone, lighting and plenty of batteries to get the best results.

10. The place of the shoot should have a backdrop so as not to distract from the video content.  You could use a banner with your company logo.

11. Don’t worry about the editing at the shoot.  If you are using your phone, shoot the video in Landscape mode.  Let the shoot happen unedited and ensure that the camera is in focus to get the bet results.

10. Have a professional videographer edit your video with a clear goal about what you are trying to achieve.  Indicate which content you would like to include by referring to the time of the video in seconds.

11.  Upload your finished videos to your Youtube Channel. 

12. Click on the Share button and copy the code into the platform you are using.  You can even embed the code into your website.

13. Check your Google Analytics and Social Media Insights Accounts to confirm how effectively you are using your videos in social media posts.

If you have any questions about video production or Youtube, contact Business Success today.

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