Why Use Absolutely Digital?
Defining Your App Purpose
What is Your App Budget?
Will Your App Be Monetized?
Developing Your App Scope
App Ownership

App Development

Why Use Absolutely Digital for App Development?

Absolutely Digital (sister company to Business Success) have developed many Apps.  We work with our clients to develop apps that meet their needs including:

  • Developing a Scope for App development
  • Allocation of a dedicated Project Manager to answer all your questions
  • Regular meetings to ensure the project is running smoothly
  • App development according to scope
  • Thorough testing of your app at all stages to ensure full functionality as per project scope
  • Uploading the app to Google Play and the Apple store
  • Training to get full use of the app
  • Reviewing and performing updates to the app as required

Defining Your App Purpose

What is the purpose of your app?

  • Is there a similar App already out there?
  • Who would use your App?
  • Can your App be downloaded and used from the App Store or Google Play?
  • Is your App for Internal Business Purposes and you don’t want your competitors to see it?

What is Your App Budget?

  • Know how much money your would like to spend on your App.
  • This will help us to develop an App Scope that can suit your budget.

Will Your App Be Monetized?

  • Are your customers going to pay for your App or additional App functions? 
  • Or is your App for Free?

Developing Your App Scope

What are the functions that you want in your App?

  • Develop a list of must have functions for your App Scope
  • Develop another list of additional functions that you would like if time and budget permit.
  • We can then develop a list of functions that we can do for a fixed price as a Formal Proposal.

App Ownership

You own your App.

  • There is a contract in place that states that you own the App.
  • We work with you in the long term to update the App when Google or Apply change their guidelines.
  • When you come up with new ideas and functions we can develop a Formal Quote to add those functions to your App.

Absolutely Digital Apps Developed

A membership app that advises members about games, tally boards, events, member details and directions for games.

A fun game to keep you, family and friends entertained for hours.  Great for the holidays.

Colouring in that you can do on your phone.

Fun Ice Breaking activities that you can do in many situations.

An app that generates random raffle numbers