Medical Websites Content

Outlining Your Solution

Ensuring your customers understand the services you provide:

  • What is the goal of your website? Such as obtaining members or obtaining patients.
  • How can your medical services benefit your customers?
  • What are your specialisations?
  • How do patients or members get an appointment?

Using Appropriate Imagery

Using appropriate images, including the following:

  • Images support the written content on your website.
  • Explainer videos of the services you offer.
  • Images which are not off-putting to website visitors, such as excess blood.
  • Ensuring you have the rights to use chosen images.

Developing your Home Page

Having clear content on your Website Home Page:

  • Outlining your services.
  • Discussing the problems or conditions that your services support.
  • Listing your Doctors names on your Home page or Services pages.
  • Allowing customers or patients to make bookings from your home page.

Website Training

Training you to keep your website up-to-date including:

  • Adding in new Doctors or taking out old Doctors.
  • Making new pages for additional services or website content.
  • Adding images to your pages and blog.
  • Making changes to your menu.
  • Optional Monthly Maintenance is also available should you be unable to update and backup your website.

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