Social Media Posts

Reviewing or Setting up your Social Media Accounts

  • Who your customers are and why they are buying from you?
  • The Social Media Accounts that are best for your Business
  • Which Social Media Posts your customers are responding to
  • Identifying the Social Media Posts that are bringing Customers to Your Website
  • Providing a baseline to measure improvements

Developing Social Media Posts

  • Developing customer profiles
  • Discussing the benefits of your products and services
  • Having concise and easy to read posts
  • Using clear and appropriate images and videos
  • Discuss ways to get more social media followers
  • Using your call to action or developing a call to action with you
  • Outlining problems and solutions
  • Promoting product specials
  • Always having a call to action and a link back to your website

Developing a Social Media Schedule

  • Identifying the best times to post for your customers
  • Discussing how many posts you would like per week
  • Which products and services you would like to promote
  • Discussing which web pages you would like to link to
  • Finalising a Social Media Schedule

Measuring the Effectiveness of your Posts

  • Ensuring each post has a clear message, goal and image
  • Discussing ways to get more followers
  • Measuring the effectiveness of every post
  • Checking which posts bring traffic to your website

Our Customers

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What is Social Media Management?

  • Managing your Social Media Accounts to ensure that your Social Media Posts are getting the best return on their investment
  • Ensuring Social Media Posts have clear goals
  • Reviewing your current social media posts and finding out which ones are the most effective
  • Reviewing which Social Media Platforms are best for your customers
  • Review Social Media Posts on a Monthly basis and make recommendations for improvements

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