What Can’t You include in a Facebook Post?

Facebook advises what you can’t do in their “Terms”: 1. Unlawful multi-level marketing Such as a pyramid scheme. 2. Upload viruses Or other malicious code. 3. Solicit login information Or access an account belonging to someone else. 4. Bully, intimidate, or harass any user This goes without saying, just remember, anything that you post on […]

Facebook Posts that Get Attention

There are certain Facebook Posts that Get a lot of Attention: What are the Top 10 Things to Sell on the Internet? – 151 Reach, 1 like, 1 share How do you Get Facebook Sales Leads? – 170 Reach, 1 like, 1 share How do you Sell Professional Services on Linked in? – 99 Reach, […]

10 Tips for Writing Facebook Posts

Tip 1 Have a goal for your Facebook post. Such as getting 30 people to read your blog in 7 days.  Or to increase the brand awareness for a new product by getting 100 likes on your article in 3 days. Tip 2 Have a catchy Subject Line. If your subject line is boring, people […]