Use Google Analytics to Check How your Website is Working

If your website developer knows what he/she is doing then they would have installed Google Analytics on your website.  This magical tool will assist you to find out how your website is working and give you the following information: Which countries your customers are residing in when they visit your website. Which technology are they […]

My Website is Full of Images with Little Text – Search Engine Optimization

My website is full of images and any text is developed as an image.  This has resulted in little thought about Search Engine Optimization and causes the following problems: Little Content for Google There is not a lot of content for Google to reference. Labeling Images Correctly Images have not been correctly labelled in the […]

Why is my Website not Found on the First Page of Google?

Your website may not be found on the first page of a Google Search because your Search Engine Optimization is not as good as your competitors.  Here are some areas that you can improve on: Relevant Page Titles Your page titles are not relevant for your business or may be non-existent. Metatags There are no […]